Republican Presidential Candidate
Francis Savarirayan MD.,FICS
(Pronounced as 'Sava Ryan')
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Veteran Commanding Officer-USAF
Research Scientist & Board Certified Specialist
Reporter & Owner US News(

Swindling of The US Economy by the White House & The Congress

(Reference:US Dept. of Treasury)
Well Coverd-up by the Trillion Dollar Multi-Media News

The Solution is in Your Hands if you ACT NOW,
Read our Special Editorial below, with a Special Message to Members of the
OWS (Occupy Wall Street Movement)


Special Video Editorial

Watch the 'Brain-Washing', of America by the White House and Brian Williams of the NBC Evening News(telecast of4/27/2011).
Watch Mr. Donald Trump, a Millionaire and Presidential Contender, declare Our Founding Father and the First US President-George Washington, "He is not a President since he was not born in the USA". The last portion of his statement is true, since George Washington was born in the Colony of Virginia under the British rule.
The country known as the United States of America, was established only in 1783 by the Treaty of Paris, France, between King George III and the Founding Fathers of our country.
This outburst from Mr. Donald Trump shows an appalling lack of knowledge of the US Constitution-the Supreme Law of the United States, a Living Document, under which all three branches of the Government was established.
This splicing together of misinformation by Brian Williams, NBC Corporation and the White house is further proof that the junta in Washington that has been in power for about 10 years or longer and swindling the American people of their money, their jobs and their homes, through phony 'bail-out Laws', and enriching themselves, is afraid that if our Presidential candidate, a foreign born Veteran Commanding officer of the US Armed forces, a research scientist and a Board certified surgeon, who is over 35 years of age and for over 20 years, a US citizen/resident should become this country's 45th President, then their reign of terror will end.
As per Article II of the US Constitution, a foreign born US citizen (referred to as Resident in the days of our Patriots, since the word naturalized citizen was not coined until several years after the US Constitution was adopted.-Ref: Webster English Dictionary) needs to be 35 years or older, and be a resident (citizen) of the United States for 14 years or longer.
Click here to read the Constitutional Requirements to become the President of the United States
Click here to see the previous foreign born US presidents who have served this country with great honor and distinction
Click here to watch Today’s Video Editorial.
Click here to watch the Video-NBC News 3 Lies.
Click here to watch the Video-Brain-Washing of America by the White House.
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Now, the Solution

With your support and Divine providence, if I should become the 45th. President of the US, then within 48 hours I will do the following :
(In the actions noted hereunder, I will follow the steps taken by President Lincoln and President Eisenhower-to free the African slaves, and to abolish segregation and discrimination in the US. These practices were never condoned in our Constitution, a living document, which is the supreme law of the US-above the Congress and above the Supreme Court- and cannot be changed, except by the People as specified in Article V of the US constitution, a lengthy process, which usually takes 7-10 years.The US Constitution was written by patriots, businessmen and scientists. Not one of the authors of the US Constitution was a licensed Judge or a licensed Lawyer. More than 80% of the Articles of the US COnstitution was written by Dr. Benjamin Franklin- a Research Scientist and a Reporter, and adopted ad verbatim by the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in the year 1787.
The Congress or the Supreme Court could have abolished these inhumane and Unconstitutional practices, but they didn't. But for the Presidential Proclamations, we may have slaves working in the US today. I certainly will not be standing before you as a Veteran Commanding Officer in the USAF and a GOP Presidential Candidate; also, there will not be an Afro-American President in the White House.)
1. By Presidential Proclamation, declare the US Constitution, the Supreme Law of the USA, enforceable as is, and any violation of the rights and guarantees contained therein, shall constitute Crimes against humanity and the American people. As such there is no Statutes of Limitation for white collar crimes committed against the American people.
This alone will immediately relieve 80-90% of our misery- which is caused by our elected official accepting bribes under the caption of campaign contributions, which by laws the congress has passed within the last 10 years-could transfer some or all of it to their personal bank accounts, legally, as long as they declare it as income in their personal tax return- acting as stooges for special interest groups, to transfer your wealth and the nation's wealth to special interest groups like the AIG, Bank of America, etc., and get kick backs in the form of Campaign Contributions, making 80% of US the Congress, which earn an average annual income of $174000 per year, Millionaires in two years (REf: The late Peter Jennings, investigative report-ABC news). This Houdini Act is only exceeded by Mr.Obama, who was not a millionaire in 2008, when he ran for the office of the US President, but after one year in office with a salary of $400,000/,his 2009 tax return showed him to have a net worth of over 10.5 Million Dollars. excluding the 1.6 Million Dollars Nobel Peace Prize money!
2. By Presidential Order declare the Health Insurance Monopoly Law, also known as the Mc Carren-Ferguson Anti -Trust Act of 1945, unconstitutional, since is violates Amendment XIV of the US Constitution-Equal Protection, which also means NO SPECIAL PROTECTION OR FAVORS. Immediately send notices to all countries, that they can open offices in the US to sell Health Insurance to Americans. There will be safeguard established to prevent default. In many countries, including Canada and UK, comparable health coverage could be obtained covering ALL PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS for 50-60% of the premiums charged by our American Insurance Companies.
3.Declare the recent Health Law moot and stop all Federal funding for it, since we will now have private insurance option, with reduced premium and no increase in taxes.
4. Through a Presidential Memorandum to the Treasury department, ordering them to proceed to collect the interest owed, by some SPECIAL PEOPLE, which will bring to the US treasury over 216 Million Dollars per day , more than enough to keep Sos. Security solvent beyond the year 3000, increase Medicare benefits to our senior citizens, and quickly pay back our debt and get to the position of the Second richest nation in the World, under the Presidency of J.F. Kennedy, when I first came to this country in 1963. We should aim at becoming #1, so we could help other nations with our wealth and not with our guns.
5. NASA will not be shut down-The administration's order will be rescinded/cancelled.
6. True and meaningful educational reform after the patterns of the Scandinavian and Asian countries will be instituted.
I will not seek reelection, but will focus my energy in cooperation with the Congress to make all campaign contributions illegal, punishable by incarceration to the giver and the taker- since the US Constitution prohibits this.
7. Public funding of all elections. If India, Russia, Canada and the UK could do this without any appreciable tax increases to their people, we could also do so.

Andrea Mitchell, a dedicated investigative reporter of NBC News is wrong when she said that the framers of our constitution were unable to foresee what is happening today. ie., instead of all three branches working hard to improve the lives of the American people-but instead all three branches conspiring together to plunder and defraud the American people. Peter Jennings once reported that it has been determined that to change the composition of the Congress it would take 50-60 generations, the Supreme Court 10-20 generations, but the White House only 4 years, well within one's lifespan. Hence they gave supreme powers, including the power of the sword-control over the Army, Navy and the (Air-Force)-within parentheses, since airplanes were not invented then, to the President.
Framer's of our constitution did foresee a future hundreds of years ahead, as we are having today, to give the opportunity to the American People to unite behind a People's President and set things right.
President Lyndon Johnson was the last of the People's president. In addition to George Washington, there were only four People's presidents after him- LBJ, JFK, Ike, and Abe.
I would like to be your next 'people's President, and give you financial freedom, under the US Constitution, which currently is shackled and put away, by ALL THREE BRANCHES OF OUR GOVERNMENT.
The financial freedom we will all get through my Presidential Proclamation-see#1, will last not just for 4 years or 400 years, but for as long as Old Glory flies over our Land.

Francis Savarirayan (Pronounced as 'Sava Ryan')
Veteran Commanding Officer-USAF & a Research Scientis, a Board Certified Surgeon
a News Reporter for over 15 years and 12 Yrs Owner of US news.
He has also studied Law and Single Handedly has brought 8 judges(Federal & State) who practiced Justice for Hire, from the bench and Ruled against the US Constitution-particularly Amendment VII & Article V of the US Constitution, for money slipped to them above the table
and also under the table
before the US Supreme Court, since the Obama administration refused to act,since these
judges contributed generously to the White House and the Congressional reelction campaigns through their Trial Lawywr's Association PolticalAction Committees
These practices are against the US Constitition-the Supreme Law of the US- above the Congress and above the US Supreme Court.
As your next President, I will enforce the US Constitution, even with the sword, if it becomes necessary
since the Founding Fathers entrusted the SWORD only to the President.
If you read through our editorials, you will find out what this SWORD is.

Exhibits referenced in this Special Editorial:
1. GDP(Gross Domestic Products) Growth ranking of the USA, Click here.
2. World Life Expectancy Table: Click here.
3. President Obama's 2009 tax return: Click here.
To view how much each Congressional representative or Presidential candidate collected as Campaign Contribution, go to and follow the links. (Dave Ryan- Managing Editor)

Fox News failed to invite Dr.Savarirayan-a Registered GOP Presidential Candidate, but only invited registered and un-registered candidates, who were sponsored by special interest groups for the televised debate. This was done to give the false impression to the public, that only candidates with money bags hanging from their belts, donated to them by special interest groups, are the only Americans interested in Public Service.
All Americans who believe in freedom of expression and the free exchange of ideas, should boycott Fox News and its affiliate products.

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Read what this law is and who the winners and losers will be if this law is repealed(removed).

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