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To view the actual US Supreme Court Documents filed with the Court, click on the link below (free):

1. In the Supreme Court Docket (Summary Sheet), the last entry shows that the Court has accepted the Petitioner's Writ for review. Click here

2. For the Supreme Court Petition/Complaint (The Writ) Click here

3. For the over 100 pages of Exhibits, filed with the Petition, Click here

4. The Defense Lawyers' Objections. Note how these lawyers subvert the law, by misquoting it and try to confuse the Court. Click here to view this.

5. This trickery by the Defense Lawyers was exposed to the Court by the Petitioner. To view this Click here.

6. Supreme Court's Document filing Rules. Click here to view

7. Petitioner's letter to The Chief Justice with Exhibits; to view this Click here.

8. Petitioner's Affidavit; to view this Click here.

9. Proof of Service; Click here.

10. Recent Supreme Court Docket (summary Sheet, Click here

11. Most recent Letter from the Veteran Petitioner to Chief Justice John Roberts, asking for explanation with an Affirmation Form, Click here

For explanation and other valuable information on how to protect yourself from such Court Fraud,click here.

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